Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre

A US space expert gives a scientific lecture at the Geographical Center

The Jordanian Royal Geographical Center hosted on Thursday, February 21, 2019, the Space Expert, President and CEO of Axiom Space USA, Mr. Michael Sufredini, and gave a lecture entitled “In Defense of Human Space Travel: A Historic Opportunity for Securing a Future Place for Jordan” And a number of officials of the Geographical Center and a number of officials in the Jordanian Atomic Energy Commission. 

This lecture comes within the series of seminars and lectures organized by the Geographical Center to contribute to the development of work and keep abreast of scientific developments in the field of space, In his lecture on the importance of human space travel since the early days of the space age and its impact on human well-being and cultural development on Earth, and the formations of orbital space stations such as the Mir space station 2001) and the International Space Station (ISS) are very important platforms for conducting scientific experiments in conditions of weightlessness.

The vision of the Axiom Space Foundation, founded by Mr. Svredini, is to make living in and working in space something familiar as a way of sustainable exploration of deep space, Indicating Which aims to build the world’s first commercially available space station to track the ISS, Sufredini said in his lecture that sending astronauts from Jordan (or any other country) would inspire future generations to select disciplines Science, technology, engineering and mathematics), and would give a variety of money and business based on advanced technology, as well as create new jobs, and would also contribute to the development of science and technology through the procedure Unique scientific experiments in conditions of absence Weight.

 Finally, at the end of the lecture, the economic returns of some space projects are enormous, giving an example of Apollo’s landing program: every dollar spent on the project returned to the United States At the end of the lecture, the audience presented a set of questions and inputs to the records that were answered.

Michael praised the role played by the geographic center in space, especially in light of the establishment of the United Nations Regional Center for Space Science and Technology Education for West Asia The first at the local level and the fifth in the world.

 In conclusion, the geographical center expressed its thanks and appreciation to Mr. Michael Sufredini for his information during this lecture. Michael Suvredini has more than 35 years of experience in human space navigation, has worked for the US space agency NASA as director of the International Space Station program, received several medals and certificates in aviation and space. He has also received the rank of Executive Director, Awarded to him by the President of the United States of America.