Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre

Control and Inspection Directorate

Internal Control Unit:

Unit tasks and duties

  • Ensuring the accuracy and correctness of administrative and financial decisions accordance with laws and plans.
  • Ensuring proper expenditure and utilizations of material and non-material resources in all respects.
  • Enhancing the work progress   of the center according to strategic plan and recommend solution to the difficulties.

Financial Auditing and Control Department

Tasks and duties of this Department:

  • Annual Approving and verifying the center’s exchange documents, and ensuring their consistency with the legislation.
  • A monthly financial visit to Finance, insurance, Public Service Sales , Movement, Warehouses departments as per as it needed.
  • Preparing all financial audit reports and then proposing appropriate recommendations and submitting to administration

Technical Control Department

The tasks and duties of this Department:

  • Annual Inspection visits to departments of the center
  • Auditing and controlling the center’s internal and external projects.
  • Daily Technical visits to be aware of the difficulties, and recommend solutions.