Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre

Modern Applications Directorate

Modern Applications Directorate

The directorate produces and updates digital maps, using satellite and weather imagery and  then maintains the geographic information system in the center..

This directorate has the following departments:

  • This section produce a database of the entire Kingdom of all required sizes and store them for future maintain and update
  • Provide these data to those who required it to conduct studies and research.
  • Supporting the Training Center with competencies and skills to training in GIS and remote sensing software, and guiding  students in their 

Some applications using GIS: Statistics,  Urban expansion of the city of Zarqa, Seismic areas, Urban planning, Applications on dams, Flood applications.

Department of  Remote Sensing

The duties of the department:

  • Providing both public and private sectors with treated satellites images of different resolution power, which used in environmental, geological and agriculture research   and various scientific applications.
  • Producing a qualitative satellite images for using them in land cover maps and land uses , and providing them to the public and private sectors.

Department of Applied Research

The duties of the department:

  • Cooperate with the production departments for research and applied studies, and using specified applications software for the local community.
  • Cooperating with concerned institutions/ universities   with scientific research
  • Doing research in the agricultural, environmental and geological fields, based on satellite and weather imagery, using the available modern techniques.

– Computer

The tasks performed by the computer department:

  • Execute the necessary maintenance of “Software” and “Hardware” of all  sections of the geographical center.
  • Follow up and develop the geographic center official website.
  • Daily follow up of  internet users and organize their  works, connect all computers on the domain and give name for every user.
  • Taking care of the specifications for computers to be purchased.
  • Follow-up of the e-government programs with the concerned authorities
  • Execute and Follow up the archiving program in the center .
  • Working out to solve all problems facing users in all respects, printers,..
  • Execute a monthly backup for the financial department and salaries program.
  • Using SAN Data Storage System application, which helps to transport and retrieve large blocks of data at a very high speed, especially images, Maps, aerial photos.
  • Publishing all activates of the center on a website, with the help of the concerned dept.
  • Follow Web Protection on TMG.
  • Supervising the electronic payment system through the e-banking central bank.
  • Supervise training laboratories and perform the necessary maintenance of the software
  • Working to collect all electronic readiness from all departments in relation to the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence