Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre

Future Prospects

  • Focus on the role of the center and importance of geographic center locally and regionally.
  • Develop and maintain the expertise, competence and skills of the Center’s staff.
  • Keeping up with technology developments in the field of surveying and map production.
  • Meet the needs of the developmental, defense and security needs of ministries, institutions, government departments, armed forces and security agencies.
  • The Flexibility of strategic plans as government trends change and according to the political and economic conditions.
  • Publish knowledge in the field of geoscience and geophysics regionally and locally.
  • Establishing partnerships with public and private sectors institutions, local, regional and international bodies and organizations.
  • To establish the principle of excellence among the staff of the geographical center.
  • Maintaining a unique infrastructure suitable for the specificity of the geographical center and its development according to variables and need.