Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre

RJGC History

The Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre was established in the second half of 1975, as the first specialized scientific unique institution in the region, to achieve the country’s need for aerial and  space surveying in order to prepare  all type of  maps to fulfill the needs of the Kingdom. The center will   provide its services to the local and regional levels.

To achieve these goals and duties the Centre worked hard to  provide technical specialized and qualified competencies and trained persons, through the help from the advanced countries, specially France. The Center was sending a large number of outstanding twelve class students   to pursue their   graduate in engineering in the surveying science and as technicians in different fields, at the National French Geographic Institute (IGN). A specialized training center was established at the RJGC campus   to grant a two years diploma certificate in different fields; surveying, photogrammetry, cartography, and mapping reproduction: (photography & printings).   Later on the Centre  grown up to become a university community college which was effectively continue to contribute in providing    public and the private sectors,  locally and regionally    specially  the Arab Gulf countries with their needs of specialized technicians qualified and trained people  in surveying, photogrammetry & cartography, remote sensing and geographic information systems.

In line with the royal high visions, the Royal Jordanian Geographic Center realizes the importance of keeping in line with the development and updating process, in this field, which will be helpful to our homeland and have a great benefit to citizen.

Therefore, the center is keenly interested on continuously updating and developing the human capabilities and there understanding to keep them  very active and proud of developing   our dear country with very high efficiency. All the above mentioned qualification will bring the center to Occupying leadership in providing services in surveying sciences and related at the regional and international levels.

It is worth mentioning  the center has received    high level support  from all officials in Jordan   with readiness, efficiency and professionalism and high performance, along with   the readiness of all the center  employees  with   full commitment in providing the needed  development process for modernizing the center and the  country.