Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre

Law of RJGC

Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre works by Law No. (18) for the year 1986. Hereinafter the most important articles of this law:

Article 3:

The law, which is called (National Jordanian Geographic Centre) Establishing a center under this law called the (Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre) and This Centre will have legal personality and will enjoy the rights stipulated in this Law. The following functions and duties are the responsibilities of RJGC and no other Agencies can exercise these duties:

  1. Establishing and maintaining geodetic networks up to 3rd order, the Department of Land and Survey shall be entrusted the 4th order of the networks and below for the purposes of making cadastral maps.
  2. Providing the necessary information to the Department of Land and Survey to assist it in the preparation of cadastral maps.
  3. Producing topographic maps of various scales for defense and development requirements.
  4. Making specialized maps for all Ministries, Governmental Departments and Institutions.
  5. Perpetuating and reviewing the various maps.
  6. Providing Ministries, Departments and Institutions with surveying information needed to carry out their own projects.
  7. Conducting Aerial Photography in scales required for all Ministries, Departments and Governmental Institutions.
  8. Providing advice to ministries and institutions regarding the training of technicians, supplying and utilization of machinery, equipments related to surveying and producing maps.
  9. Developing survey sciences for the purposes of producing maps.
  10. Establishing maps library for all the geographical information needed by official Agencies.
  11. Training of sufficient numbers of technicians to meet the needs of the RJGC, Ministries, Departments, private and public sectors.
  12. Maintaining the information security.

Article 4:

The Centre on his own behalf and on behalf of the Ministries, Governmental Departments and Institutions shall contract with any local or foreign agency to perform any work related to map production and aerial photography, none of these Ministries, Departments and Institutions has the right to do such work or contract with others (third parties) directly to carry out this work.


Article 9:

The Centre has the right to do business and private projects properly, including direct contracting with the consulting offices, local and foreign companies and contractors, despite the provisions of any other law or legislation.