Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre



The Center has held a number of agreements and memoranda of understanding with local and international bodies:


  • Haier Company to cooperate in the field of data auditing for the digital maps produced by the company for the vehicle navigation system.
  • The Ministry of Municipal Affairs , aims to train the  surveyors of the Ministry of Municipalities
  • The Ministry of Energy, to participate in the production of geological maps of the Kingdom.
  • The Surveying Technology and Services Advisory Company aims to cooperate in carrying out surveying works at Muwaffaq Al Salti Air Force Base.
  • The Jordanian Geologists Association aims to trains geologists on software and its applications  to GIS and remote sensing.
  • The Jordanian Hijaz Railway Corporation aims to train   and provide them  digital maps and geographic information and to  participate  in conferences, seminars, scientific workshops and   print brochures and leaflets

Memorandum of cooperation with:

  • The Kuwait Intelligence and Security Agency (KISI) to  increase the  cooperation frameworks in geographic information, surveying, remote sensing, aerial photography and  maps  production
  • The Arab Institute for Training and Statistical Research to organize training workshops and participate in conferences, seminars, exchange information and studies.
  • The Development Company of Developmental  Zone (DDC) to provide them   the necessary aerial photos.
  • The Greater Irbid Municipality providing them with digital maps, geographical information, modified aerial photographs of  Irbid  city then    cooperation in   training and technical advice
  • The National Geographic Information Institute (GIS) / Korea, cooperation in mutual benefit in  geographic information and mapping.
  • The Association of Arab Universities (AArU),    to cooperate in training and technical advice,  and provide them a digital maps and geographic information.
  • Mazar Robotics Company, cooperation in many fields, aerial photography, radar, surveying and quantities.
  • Al-Arabi Bin Mehdi University (Umm Al-Bouaqi) to develop the cultural scientific relations  between the countries.
  • The Survey Technology Company and its services and aims to cooperate in the implementation of survey works at the Mowafaq Al-Salti Air Base.
  • Saudi Aerial Photography Company Ltd., cooperates in  aerial photography projects, remote sensing applications and accountancy.
  • The Lebanese University : to develop and deepen  cultural and scientific relations  between the countries.

 The Sudanese Survey Authority to increase cooperation in the  geosciences, surveying, remote sensing, aerial photography, mapping, training and exchange of experiences.