Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre

Complaints and suggestions

Overall Objective:

The aim of dealing with complaints and suggestions is to develop the geographic center services to the level that satisfies the expectations and needs of the recipients of the service, to communicate with them and to know their satisfaction with the procedures of transactions or services provided or any other observations, to ensure continuity of dealing.

Ways to submit (complaints / suggestions):

Complaints and suggestions box located within the geographical center building opposite the public service office and near the information / reception.
Telephone number (065345188) sub-(229) / (230).
Hotline Daily Clock (0780388808).
Send a text message to (0780388808).
Fax on (065347694).
Email (
Regular mail at postal address PO Box 414 Amman / Jubaiha 11941.

– Methodology to deal with complaints and suggestions and praise.

– Form of complaint or suggestion.

– Determination of the satisfaction of the service recipient.

– Deal with (complaint / proposal) with all seriousness, transparency and impartiality while ensuring that the nature of the relationship with him is not affected.

– It is best to give your name, address and telephone number clearly to follow up the complaint / proposal submitted by you.

– When filling out the questionnaire or form of complaint or proposal, please send it to the e-mail mentioned in No. 5 to be dealt with.