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Geographical Names Conferences

The purpose of the conference was to: Unify the system and mechanisms of writing geographical names in the Arab world in the production of maps and atlas and lists of geographical names. In addition to Jordan the following Arab countries were participated: Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, the United Arab of Emirates, Syria, Egypt, Sudan and Algeria. 

A meeting was held on 4/4/2007 in the presence of representatives from the following countries: UAE, Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and Morocco.

30-31 May 2007 Beirut, Delegations from the following Arab countries attended the Conference: Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Morocco, People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, Palestine, State of Qatar.

Discussing the unified Arab system and the development of the writing of geographical names in the Arab countries • The influence of Arabic dialects and the effect of the geographical names in Roman letters on this system (searching the exotic names on the Arabic language (Arabic and Arabic) • The presentation of the activities of the Arab countries in the field of standardization of geographical names, development of terminology, The conference discussed ways of Arab cooperation in the fields of standardization of geographical names, implementation of the Beirut system, and Arab and international resolutions in the domain of geographical names.

The Royal Jordanian Geographical Center organizes the 6th Arab Conference of Arab Experts on Geographical Names in the Jordanian capital of Amman between the 10th and 13th of July 2012. The conference was approved by the Council of Ministers. The conference aims to discuss the difficulties resulting from the implementation of the Arab system And make appropriate adjustments to it in order to: a. To overcome the difficulties faced by institutions operating in the field of geographical names in some Arab countries during the application of the system. B . Solving the problems resulting from the pronunciation of some Arabic characters in a different way from the original word in some Arab countries, such as in Egypt and the Arab countries in the Arab countries and the last word, etc .. c. Some Arabic names are used in dialects used in some Arab countries by different ethnicities. Dr . To make the necessary amendments to the system and approve it in its final form. – The conference aims to activate joint Arab action in the following areas: Arabic geographical names. B . Building a unified Arabic dictionary for Arab geographical names. C. Preserving Arab geographical names as an Arab cultural heritage and preventing their change and extinction. Dr . Education workshops and exchange of experiences in the field of names and geographical information. E. The implementation of the Arab and international resolutions related to the collection, control and stereotyping of geographical names and their preservation. Sponsorship The conference was held under the patronage of the Royal Property Date and time of the conference: Amman – Royal Jordanian Geographical Center Time: 10th to 13th July 2012 Opening Session: 10/7/2012 at 9:00 The conference will be held every day until 17:00. The fourth day will be held on 13/7/2012: Cultural and touristic tour in one of the regions of Jordan. Participating in the conference: 1. Chairmen of Arab bodies of geographical names. Heads of institutions working in the field of cartography and geographical information in all Arab countries. Arab Experts in Geographical Names. Professors in the field of languages ​​(specifically nouns). Professors in phonology (pronunciation and transfer of names to Latin characters). Technical delegation from the League of Arab States. Technical Delegation of the Economic and Social Council for West Asia. 1. The International: – Secretary General of the League of Arab States. – Secretary General of the Economic and Social Council. – Arab Ambassadors accredited in Jordan. – President of the International Group of Experts on Geographical Names and its Vice-Chairman of the International Group of Cartography. – President of the Arab Union of Geographers 2 – National and private official authorities: – Ministers – Deputies – Senate – Governors – Major Municipalities – Heads of Regions – Trade unions: engineers and topographers 3 – Universities and institutes – Colleges of engineering, architecture, planning and geographies Oh, geographic information systems and origins of languages ​​and phonology in public universities and Acialh4- various means of local and Arab media and Atah5- companies and institutions working in the field of science and geography participants .oadf $ 300 US fee instead of prints bag recording and hospitality during breaks and lunch throughout the work of the conference days. The participants will send their official credentials by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of each country to the Presidency of the Conference. The participants will be invited to participate in the exhibition which will be held during the conference. The participants will pay the registration fee immediately upon registration on the date of the conference (cash) in US currency or the equivalent of the fee mentioned in the Jordanian currency. 2. For universities, private companies and workers In the field of geographic sciences – Registration for lectures: Send a list of those wishing to give a lecture on one of the topics of the agenda published until June 15 with the subject of the lecture and the appropriate item on the agenda. – Send the lectures as will be repeated later. – Registration to participate in the exhibition: Until the 15th of June.

Defining the  geographical names and their importance. Documentation of geographical names (maps, Atlases, etc.) Arab countries in the field of geographical names – To keep abreast of the technological developments related to geographical names. – Adopt a unified Arab system in the transfer of the Arabic letters (romana) to the Roman letters (Latin) according to the Arabic language and the local dialects).icipate in the exhibition: Until the 15th of June.

The conference aims at activating joint Arab action in the following areas: Standardization of Arab geographical names,   Unify Arabic geographical names.   Maintaining Arab geographical names as Arab cultural heritage and preventing their change and deterioration