Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre

Second Conference of Surveyors and Geographical Names

Arab experts in the field and geographical names

The Royal Jordanian Geographical Center, the Presidency of the Arab Division of Experts on Geographical Names and the Arab Union for Surveying, in cooperation with the Arab Union for Space and Astronomy Sciences, the Astronomical Society of Jordan and the Regional Bureau for Astronomy Development in the Arab States, invite you to participate and attend

“Second Conference of Arab Surveyors and Geographical Names”

To be held from 6 to 8 December 2016 at the Royal Jordanian Geographical Center in Amman, Jordan. With the hope to attend and participate actively in the work of the Conference to reach the best results that contribute to the success of the conference, and provide the Arab world with the latest scientific and technical developments in these areas.

Those wishing to participate by attending or submitting a working paper for this conference should send the abstracts according to the themes below, before the end of 20 November 2016, and send it by e-mail to the conference:

Director General of the Jordanian Royal Geographical Center

Head of the Arab Division of Geographical Names Experts

Dr. Engineer Awni Mohammed Al – Khasawneh


Objectives of the Conference

The conference aims to activate joint Arab action in the following areas:
Upgrading the scientific and professional level of surveyors and experts of Arab geographical names.
The exchange of knowledge, information and experience between surveyors and Jordanian geographical names experts and their Arab counterparts in the various sciences and technology used in the area and the development directions.
Spread the culture of geographical names at the national and Arab levels.
Consolidate spatial work through joint laws and legislation
Statement of the importance of the standardization of geographical names and their terms used and written at the national and Arab levels in maps, atlases and charts,
The importance of standardization of geographical names and their terms in preserving their Arabism by adopting a unified Arab system.
Conference Themes

Real estate registration systems.
The real estate sector and its role in comprehensive development.
The use of modern technology in the field of land and real estate.
Experiences of countries in the field of real estate registration systems and geographical names.
Map of the sky and the names of stars in the Arab-Islamic heritage
The importance of geographical names and the standardization of the writing of geographical names by adopting a unified Arab system.
Integration of space and geographical names
Naming and numbering and their role in census and census operations
GIS and remote sensing applications.

General information about the conference

1. Place and time of the conference:

Location: The Royal Jordanian Geographical Center in Amman, Jordan
Time 6-8 December 2016
2. Subscription Fees:

The participant pays US $ 300 as a registration fee, printing allowance, bag and hospitality during the breaks and lunch throughout the conference.
Tickets and the cost of accommodation at the hotel are at the expense of participants.
3. Lectures and suggestions:

Deadline for receiving lectures on the various topics included in the initial work program of the Conference 20 November 2016.
A working paper can be presented by the participants in the form of a report showing the activities of their countries in the field of surveying and / or geographical names.
4. Residence:

Accommodation at hotels and at the expense of the participants that we will provide you with the names of the proposed hotels at preferential prices.
5. Transition:

The reception and transportation will be provided to the participants who will provide the organizing committee with the number of the delegation, the hotel name, the arrival dates, date and flight number from and to Queen Alia International Airport a day before arriving in Amman according to the attached form.
Participants who need an entry visa to Jordan will be provided with the required official books as requested.
6. Dress:

Opening and Conference sessions: Formal Dress.
7. Medical care:

The responsibility of the participants in the Conference.
8. Weather:

The weather in Jordan during December is cold.
9. Currency:

The currency used in Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar (approximately US $ 1.4)
Hotels, Restaurants and Shopping Centers The Jordanian currency is traded.
Currency exchange points are available at the airport, banks, hotels and payers in all regions.
10. Language:

Arabic is the official language of the conference and the interpretation service is not available.
11. Recreational activities:

There will be a tourist trip for those wishing to pay $ 70 per person to Petra or the Dead Sea area as well as wishing to transport, food and access to Petra.
Scientific participation in the conference

1. Full lecture:

Lectures should be delivered in two formats:

Microsoft Word (doc) format and MS Power point
Margins: 20 mm left and right 20 mm up and down.
Font width for text: 14
Font size for headline: 20 غامق في الوسط.
Author name: Font size 18 in the middle.
2. Abstract (Abstract)

Send a summary of the Microsoft Word (doc) format lecture according to the following:
Content: Three hundred to four hundred words written in Microsoft Word (doc)
Measuring paper: A 4
Margins: 20 mm left and right 20 mm up and down.
Font width for text: 14
Font size for headline: 14 غامق في الوسط.
Name of author Title, name and fame, font size 14 in the middle.
Definition of the lecturer: At the end of the abstract:

Title, name and fame
The organization to which it belongs
His career status in the institution
Postal address and web page if any.
Phone / Fax / Address – Electron
For inquiries and correspondence

Conference email:
Royal Jordanian Geographical Center
Amman Jordan Jordan p. B: 414 Jubaiha 11941 recommended. OMAN
Tel: + 96265349199 + 96265349198
Fax: + 96265347694
Brigadier Dr. Eng. Awni Mohammed Al – Khasawneh

Direct telephone: 962 53422236
Mobile Phone: 962 777745214+
Organizing Committee of the Conference

Ibrahim Obaid: + 962 780333611
Dr.. Ibrahim Al Nsour: + 962 772217599
Agenda of the Conference

The conference will be held with the support of the Scientific Research Fund