Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre

Geographic Position A geographic base is established for cancer patients

On Tuesday, 19/3/2019, the Jordanian Royal Geographical Center signed a memorandum of understanding with the King Hussein Cancer Center aimed at establishing a geographic database for cancer patients in the presence of senior officials from both sides.

The importance of this memorandum is to improve treatment and preventive services related to cancers in Jordan Of the spread and reduce the incidence of infection, and determine the places of its spread in the Kingdom’s provinces and linking them to potential causes of the disease such as pollution of the environment or any other reasons to assist in the process of scientific research and identify the causes of cancer. Under this agreement, the geographical center is committed to building a database And to train the staff of the Cancer Center to deal with the database and how to update it, and provide facilities to use the system “GIS” and grant authority to use the available data system as a watch only, in addition to the production of maps by data Presented by the King Hussein Cancer Center.

The MoU also includes the establishment of a database of cancer patients based on field studies within the framework of a supportive national policy.

This memorandum will contribute to improving cancer treatment services and contributing to the growth of healthy communities, as well as enabling the King Hussein Cancer Center to use programs It is noteworthy that the geographical center has prepared a database and geographic information that serves all national institutions such as educational, economic, health and other projects.