Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre

Launch of the Global Space Exploration Workshop with the participation of more than 35 countries

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Eng. Muthanna Al Gharaibeh inaugurated on Monday 25/3/2019 the Scientific Workshop on the Global Partnership in Space Exploration and Innovation, with the participation of more than 100 experts, scientist, researcher and expert in space science and exploration representing more than 35 Including heads of space agencies, executives from leading aerospace companies, government ministries, senior researchers and academics. 
The workshop, organized by the United Nations Regional Center for Space Science and Technology Education for West Asia, In partnership with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, in partnership with the Office for Outer Space Affairs of the United Nations and with the support of the Royal Jordanian Geographical Center and the Arab Union for Space and Astronomy, to disseminate knowledge and exchange experiences on space science and exploration, Around the world. “With the efforts of the Crown Prince Foundation, a group of Jordanian students designed and launched the first Jordanian satellite of the type of cubic satellite,” he said, adding that the creativity of Jordanian youth has no limits and needs all of us to support them to enable them to The Director General of the Jordanian Royal Geographical Center, General Director of the Regional Center for Space Science and Technology Education, Brigadier General Dr. Awni Al-Khasawneh, stressed the role played by the Royal Geographical Center in the development of space and astronomy sciences and hosted by the Regional Center for Space Science and Technology Education. The importance of this workshop in keeping abreast of developments and achievements in the space sector at the regional and global levels. 
He pointed to the role of the Center in providing national institutions with the necessary maps, aerial and space images and geographical information, To participate in the localization of space science technology, especially hosted by the Regional Center for Space Science Education to enhance the capabilities of the Kingdom and the region in the field of space science and technology for the benefit and benefit of the peoples of the region. “This workshop is the first of its kind in the Kingdom” On the latest applications in the techniques and exploration of space in light of the participation of a group of scientists and experts and decision makers from different countries of the world.
” The United Nations Department of Outer Space Affairs, Simona de DiBo, stressed that space exploration has both developmental and economic benefits. This has attracted the interest of NGOs and the private sector, noting that space priorities have recently been chosen, notably the International Space Exploration Partnership The head of the Emirates Space Agency, Dr. Mohammed Al-Ahbabi, said that there are 65 countries competing in the field of space exploration. This raises questions about “what should we do as Arab countries,” pointing out that the UAE will launch the first satellite Arabic For the benefit of all. 
The President of the International Astronomical Union Professor Eunichuk said that the Union includes more than 13 thousand members representing more than 82 countries, and aims to publish astronomy, noting that opportunities for the development of astronomy and harnessing for regional and international cooperation is available. The Italian Space Agency representative Professor Peru Benifutti expressed his admiration for the Regional Center for Space Science and Technology Education and considered it an umbrella for the collection and coordination of Arab countries for the use of astronomy for development and education in the Arab world. 
On the sidelines of the workshop, Minister of Communications Eng. Muthanna Al Gharaibeh opened an exhibition specialized in space, aerial photography, surveying and geospatial data with the participation of local, regional and international specialized companies from Canada, Pakistan, USA, China, Japan, UAE and Jordan. In the development, as well as the discussion of modern exploratory and innovative research as well as developments in space science and technology, by experts, researchers, space exploration professionals and heads of international space agencies. 
The workshop will hold a special session on the empowerment of women in the space sector and encourage them to enter this field, and a scientific trip to Wadi Rum to observe the sky using the naked eye and telescope by a team specialized in astronomical tourism. The workshop will be attended by experts, scientists and specialized researchers Russia, Australia, Sweden, Brazil, Greece, Germany, France, Turkey, South Africa, Yemen, Libya, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria , Egypt, Palestine, Tunisia, Syria, Nigeria, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, as well as the host country Jordan.