Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre

Aerial photograph of Wadi Rum
Aerial view of Aqaba
Aerial view of Amman
Aerial photograph of the Geographical Center
Aerial photograph of Abdoun bridge
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Welcome Message

The Royal Jordanian Geographical Center, established in 1975, is a pioneering national institution that works within the framework of clear future visions through the dissemination of concepts of excellence, quality and transparency to reach reliable survey, cartographic and geographical services for comprehensive development. more…


The National Geospatial Data Infrastructure Project (JSDI)


A Spatial data framework, metadata, users and interactive tools for the efficient creation, sharing and use of spatial data. It is also defined as the technology, policies, standards, human resources and related activities required to obtain, process, distribute, use, maintain and maintain spatial data.


University College Of Survying And
Geospatial Sciences

The University College was established to teach survying and geospatial sciences to meet the needs of local and Arab markets in the field of geoscience, GIS and remote sensing.
It is an intermediate government college accredited by the Higher Education Institutions. It is considered the first in the teaching of survying sciences at the level of the Arab world, where all the possibilities are available from a teaching staff with high experience, modern surveying equipment, software, specialized laboratories and halls suitable for the study environment.

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