Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre

RJGC emphasizes the importance of geo-information in investment and real estate

The Director General of the Jordanian Royal Geographical Center, Dr. Eng. Awni Al-Khasawneh, stressed the role of geo-information in the investment sector, especially in directing investors to choose the right place for establishing any investment or economic project. 

This was during a coordination meeting organized by the Geographical Center on Saturday, February 23, 2019 with representatives of the investment sector and qualitative associations, aims to highlight the role of geo-information applications in the field of investment. Al-Khasawneh said that geospatial information has become an important and effective role in providing investors with an understanding and guidance in making the right economic decisions in setting up a new industrial economic investment project in the best places and areas of investment concentration as well as dispersion, diversity and economic problems in the region. 

To facilitate and provide geo-information in the practice of various economic activities, and attract more Arab and foreign investors in all regions of the Kingdom, noting Alkhasawneh what the geographical center of the data and geographical information and images of atmosphere Al-Khasawneh stressed the geographical readiness of the Center and its database and geometric information to be provided to investors and related parties, especially since the geographic center has all the data and information available to them.

 Which are related to the industrial sector, tourism, real estate, health, education and other investment sectors. For their part, the meeting stressed the importance of geospatial information in providing the necessary infrastructure to And discussed the mechanism of coordination and cooperation between the geographical center and the concerned parties from the institutions, factories and companies to provide all that would attract more investments in the Kingdom. 

They praised the pioneering role played by the geographical center in supporting various sectors in development projects. Which contributed to the promotion of national economic growth. The meeting was attended by members and delegates from the Amman Chamber of Industry, the Arab Union for Free Zones, the Secretary General of the Arab Federation for Exhibitions and Conferences, the Arab Mining Company, Ed Arab Cement and Building Materials Company Arab Pharmaceutical Industries and the Arab Union for the producers of medicines and the Arab Federation for Food Industries and Talal Abu-Ghazaleh and a representative eye Issa Murad.