Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre

About The College

The University College of Surveying & Geospatial Sciences was established to meet the needs of the local and Arab markets in the areas of spatial sciences, geographic information systems and remote sensing.

It is the first university in the field of teaching of cadastral sciences at the level of the Arab world, where all the possibilities are available from a teaching staff with high experience, modern surveying equipment, software, specialized laboratories and halls that suit the study environment.

The two-year diploma (intermediate university degree) is awarded in the following major disciplines:

1. Diploma area (72) hours.

2. Diploma of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) (72) hours.

College Features:

1. It is the only one in the Arab world to teach the fields of specialization, GIS and remote sensing, a strong academic teaching based on theoretical understanding and practical application.

2. It is a distinguished scientific center at the local and regional levels due to its unique and distinct specialties and plays an important role in facing the challenges and requirements of the labor market.

3. It shall be distinguished from other colleges due to its presence inside the geographical center building which includes qualified and specialized human cadres with extensive academic experience in the fields of surveying sciences. It includes modern surveying equipment, software and laboratories specializing in geographic information systems, and includes the National Center for Remote Sensing, providing its students with an excellent opportunity to study in a flourishing scientific and scientific environment.

4. Prepare competent professionals who possess the theoretical knowledge and applied modern and capable of creativity and innovation in their fields of specialization.

5. It has the elements of the specialized educational process and field application especially the large space and security needed by the field specialization.

6. There are spacious classrooms and modern teaching methods, as well as a library of the latest references, scientific books and specialized researches.

7. Capable of graduating qualified scientific and qualified to work in ministries, governmental and private institutions, municipalities, the Department of Lands and Surveying, the Royal Geographic Center, the Ministry of Public Works and Environment, Electricity and Water Companies, Survey Offices, Construction and Engineering Consultants.

8. Provide students with unique professional educational and training programs.

9. Qualifying graduates to enter the global labor market to occupy prestigious positions.

10. Its programs are universally recognized.