Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre

Since its establishment in 1975, the Royal Jordanian Geographic Center – RJGC –  has been   supplying various governmental and private sectors with all type of maps, aerial and space photos, and geospatial information they may need.

The center is considered a strategic partner in achieving the sustainable development of the country, the center’s role was   unlimited,    it was  contributed effectively in providing support and assistance, expertise   the Arab nations   especially training technicians in the field of surveying sciences, maps, geographical information systems and remote sensing technologies.

The center assigned   exclusive to deal with many data such; cadastral, aerial photography,   production of maps, provision of geographic information and dealing with satellite images,  on the other hand the center  sought to accommodate any significant development and updating progress in those areas.   The center has provided modern cadastral devices and sophisticated software related to geographical and latest information systems technology.

This great achievement and development would not have been possible without the sustained support from our wise Hashemite leadership and the concerted efforts of  our staff, who  effort in provid the best service to our dear homeland under the patron of his march and blessed renaissance His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein Al-Mufdi God has cared for him.

Through this website,  you may get  more about achievements services, and  projects of the center and our future plans

    Director General of the Royal Jordanian Geographic Center

   Colonel Eng. Muammar Kamel Haddadin