The editorial board of scientific journals (Scale, Geographical Names, Universe) issued by the Royal Jordanian Geographical Center is pleased to invite government and private sectors, universities, researchers and specialists to participate in the next issue of these journals, through its various sections, which include research and scientific studies related to surveying sciences and information systems Geography (GIS) and remote sensing, geological topics, geography, global signature system (GPS), cartography, aerial and space images, space and astronomy sciences, in addition to basic and applied research, surveys, articles, innovations, new news about geospatial technologies, and all What is related to these fields, in addition to what you see fit for publication in these magazines.
Publication Terms
1- The material should be sent to the e-mail ( or ( in Word 79-2003 or Rich text format.
2- The number of words in the article does not exceed (3000) words.
Attach photos, maps and everything related to the topic of publication in high resolution (300) dpi, Tiff JPG format.
4- The language of publication is the correct Arabic language, and it is permissible in English, provided that a summary of the article is submitted in Arabic.
5- The references are documented on the last page of the article and include the name of the author, the name of the reference, publishing house, place of publication, year.
6- The article deals with the subject of geographical names or related sciences.
7- The writer shall attach independent information that includes: his name, his full address (phone number, e-mail, mailbox, if available).
8- The editorial board reserves the right to make the appropriate amendments to the submitted article in accordance with the magazine’s policy and to inform the owner of the article of the amendments.
9- Arrange the articles in the magazine as deemed appropriate by the editorial board.
10- It is required that the material be unpublished or submitted for publication to any other party.
11- A symbolic reward is paid to the owners of articles published in magazines.
For more information and inquiries, please call (065345188) ext. (250) e-mail ( or (