Public Management

Border unit

• Take a joint tour of the western borders to inspect the borders.
• Maintenance of border signs that need maintenance after the winter season.
• Audit all visible channels.
• Monitoring projects built on or from the borders.
• Escape from archiving docks and old documents in the department.
Participation with other government institutions, armed forces and private projects, the various projects that take place near the international borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or to express an opinion.

Diwan Department
  • Complete all registration, transfer, printing, archiving, keeping correspondence and securing its access to the relevant authorities using the available means (government messaging, fax, post offices).
  • Electronic archiving of agreements, minutes of meetings and other documents through programming in the Diwan.
  • Distribution of mail to geographic center directorates using e-mail (archiving software, outlook, sharing files, etc.).
  • Contribute directly to the preparation of conferences, scientific days and seminars held by the Center through official books, faxing invitations, e-mail and the center's mail.
Public relations
  • Prepare a monthly program of visits and activities for the center and circulate it to all directorates and departments.
  • Preparing the necessary preparations for the reception of delegations according to their levels.
  • Preparing appropriate arrangements for signing agreements with various local and external entities.
  • Sale of ready-made products and permitted through the public service office.
  • Coordination with the various media to cover all events, activities and events related to the center and provide it to local newspapers and the website of the center.
  • Publishing the center's activities and visits in Al-Aqsa Magazine every month through moral guidance.
  • Participation in preparatory committees for the preparation and organization of conferences, seminars, scientific workshops and exhibitions held or participated in by the Center.
  • Follow up on all the news and tenders published through the various media of the center, and present it to the kindness of the director for remarks.
  • Prepare a list of senior officials in ministries, institutions and universities in Jordan, and follow up on their modernization.
  • Preparing and responding to congratulation cards on national holidays and events in the name of the General Manager's kindness.
  • Guide and provide adequate information to service recipients about the work and services of the Centre and provide them with flyers.
  • Gifting the center's publications ( agendas, annual report, magazine scale ) to those who have to do with the work and specialization of the center.
  • Photography and archive of activities held inside and outside the center from conferences, scientific days, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, guests of the center and visiting delegations and the opening and graduation of courses held at the Center for the purposes of the annual report and the magazine scale and documentation.
  • Marketing of the geographical center (locally and externally).
Technical advisor

Tasks that are performed by the consultant for technical affairs
• Participation in the Operations Planning ,Organizing , Drawing up the General Policies of the Royal Geographical Center
• Participation in Technical and Administrative Committees Specialized Determined by the Direct Administrator.
• Representing senior management in meetings with local and foreign bodies and departments
• Expressing opinions and technical advice about the agreements you enter into with international bodies and institutions.
• Participation in Preparation of notes, reports, and studies

Legal Affairs Department
  • Preparation of legal notes including legal opinion on matters and topics before the Section.
  • Preparing, reviewing and drafting memorandums of understanding, contracts and agreements concluded by the Center with third parties.
  • Legal advice on the legal aspect of administrative decisions.
  • Legal advice in the area of administrative decisions for staff and the public service.
  • Providing legal advice on Arab and international agreements whose subject matter is linked to the center's activity.
  • Maintaining and documenting the necessary legal references for the work of the center such as laws, regulations and instructions. 
  • Provide the undersecretary of the Department of State Cases and the Administrative Public Prosecutor with all the evidence, statements, support and legal reasons relating to the claims filed by the Center or against him before the competent courts.
  • Participation in the relevant internal and external committees.
  • Attending scientific conferences and seminars in the legal fields.
  • Any other legal tasks other than those mentioned earlier and assigned by the senior management of the center in accordance with the specificity and type of work and legal activity in the center.
Coordination and secretarial Department :
  • Internal and Foreign Affairs Management.
  • Carry out the cost of printing work for the Office of the Director General.
  • Document the outgoing mail contained in the log book.
  • Follow-up of all transactions transferred from the manager for a year to the directorates.
  • Submit a weekly report on the measures taken.
  • Reception of guests referring to the Office of the Director General in the Visitors' Hall.
  • Processing and follow-up to the director's official tasks.
  • Follow-up internal and external contacts with the General Manager's kindness.
  • Follow-up meetings of the Director General.
  • Organize and save files.
  • Issuing a monthly report of delay and absence.
  • Issuing a monthly statement on the departures and vacations of the heads of the departments.
  • Follow-up minutes of the planning unit and meetings of the Director General.