Technical Services

Modern printing technologies

First: Digital Printing Division:

1. It is the one who prepares the work to be printed from a row of characters, design and montage on the devices and gives the required sizes and the appropriate dimensions so that it can be given to the printing press and copying
2. Digital printing operations are carried out on specialized colored or one-colored machines.
3. Update tourist maps.
4. Making advertising maps for advertising companies.
5. Designing brochures on the center's work, seminars and scientific conferences.
6. Designing posters for seminars and scientific day
7. Placards for the internal sections of the center.
8. Preparing and designing the annual agenda.
9. Personal cards design (Vest Card).
10. Preparing annual reports.
11. Printing the products of the technical sections.

Second: Division of Photography and Printing:

1. It receives the design to be printed from the Digital Printing Division.
2. Sorting the colors on the plates.
3. Printing on heavy printing machines and then the binding stage so that the product is ready to be delivered to the requesting party.
4. Receiving the printing information from the Digital Printing Division and working on preparing it and determining the necessary displacements for sorting.
5. Sorting the printing information into four plates bearing the four primary colors on the C.T.P.
6. Printing maps of all kinds, drawing scales, books, pamphlets and magazines.
7. Printing forms, brochures, cards and notebooks.
8. Folding maps, cutting and stamping books and notebooks.
9. Sulfate, perforate or slit the publications, if necessary
10. Giving internal and external courses in the field of printing.
11. Participation in the technical committees for devices and equipment and the materials purchase committees.

Movement Department:
  • Ensure the movement of employees back and forth from the designated positions to the center for daily work and outside the center for official tasks and overtime after official working hours.
  • The department secures field survey teams with the necessary vehicles, drivers and technicians for vehicle maintenance in the field work place.
  • The technical department supervises and follows up on vehicles in terms of readiness, maintenance, licensing, insurance and cleaning of vehicles by the traffic management and the technical staff located in the department.
  • Equipping shift cars after official hours and public holidays in anticipation of any emergency work, official tasks or projects coming from the higher official authorities.
  • Processing a record for each vehicle that includes all vehicle expenses of fuel, parts, maintenance and oils with material and cost.
Maintenance Department:
  • Maintaining the work and maintenance of electrical extensions, computer networks and electrical appliances such as printers, dividers, computers, lighting and generators.
  • Maintaining the work and maintenance of air conditioning and cooling of air conditioners, woes and shawlers.
  • Monitoring the export of solar energy.
  • Participating in the study of technical presentations and providing advice and technical advice to the center's directorates.
  • Follow-up the work of government companies and institutions such as tenders within the center and receiving business and writing reports.
  • Follow-up procurement work and follow-up maintenance guarantees for equipment and projects.
  • Sustaining and maintaining water lines, water wells, pumps and sanitation.
  • Maintenance of the center from inside and outside with some construction processes of isolation, paint, palace and tiles.
  • Follow-up of agricultural work in general.
  • Maintaining and maintaining furniture and detailing some types of office furniture.
  •  Maintenance of the fire and fire system and its pumps and alarm system.
Documents Department:

1. Documenting products from maps and aerial photos and keeping them in the department's records and records.
2. Providing the official and private authorities with what they need of these products.
3. Archiving and preserving the center's old and new products.
4. Submit reports about the required quantities needed by the department and request that they be printed.
5. Supplying the directorates of productivity within the center with what they need for work and projects and providing the office of service the public with the products that are sold to the recipients of the service (atlases and maps).