Directorate of Weather

Weather and Climatic Data Department:

• Collecting and analyzing the necessary data related to weather, climate, precipitation, humidity, temperature and radioactive precipitation from different sources.
• Collecting data related to the environment, such as the sources and locations of environmental pollutants and the atmosphere.
• Processing and analyzing that weather and climatic data and presenting it in the form of digital maps using geographic information systems.

Department of Climate and Environmental Changes:

• Spreading environmental awareness among members of society through giving lectures and making brochures in cooperation with official authorities.
• Cooperating with relevant ministries, institutions, associations and bodies to study climate and environmental change.
• Contribute to support the formulation of environmental and national policies using satellite technology.
• Paying attention to the climate system, the atmosphere, and biological diversity.
• Cooperating with governmental and private institutions by collecting and analyzing the data available to them and converting them into digital maps.
• Providing decision makers with the final maps according to their needs.
• Establishing databases for factories and environmental pollutants resulting from them, and keeping that data up to date.
• Participation in the production of agricultural and climatic atlases, through cooperation with the competent authorities.