Administrative and Financial Affairs

Financial Department:

• Preparing and disbursing employees' salaries and recording them on the books designated for the purpose.
• Disbursing the preliminary financial dues from printing expenses (electricity, fuel, water, telephone).
Preparing for the preparation of the center's draft budget, both current and capital, in coordination with the various directorates.
• Receipt of public revenues and duly supply them to the public treasury and close them.
• Preparing the included finances for the center and following up on their collection and supply according to the rules.
• Capture and disbursement of the various projects of the Center.
• Preparing the summary, accounts and its plan, and providing it with financial accounts at the end of each month.
• Follow up on guarantees of (good implementation and maintenance) of all kinds and release them according to the rules.
• Number of remittances per month.

Warehouse Department:

• Determining the needs of supplies and materials in coordination with the departments and organizing purchase requests for materials that are not available or needed by the departments, taking into account the duration of purchase and supply.
• Follow up the implementation of the supplies contracted or requested.
• Follow up on the surplus materials and supplies needed by the various government departments needed by the Royal Jordanian Geographical Center in coordination with the Governmental Procurement Department.
• Receiving the supplies supplied to the center (as a trust) until the actual receipt by the receiving committee or after being inspected by the concerned parties, then the concerned warehouse keeper makes sure of the supplies and materials and their conformity with the purchase orders and receipt controls.
• Making entries for supplies and archiving them in the records (supplies records) according to the rules and placing them in the designated locations.
Providing the concerned authorities with copies of (receipt control, entry vouchers, invoices) while keeping copies in the warehouse department
• Persistence and follow-up of balances, organizing purchase requests for materials whose balance has reached the minimum, and assigning to the administration regarding stagnant materials, redundant or invalid.
• Participation in committees related to warehouse work (committees for receiving, destroying, inventory, etc.).
• Make an inventory of the personal custody annually and take the necessary measures regarding the observations and recommendations of the inventory committees, adhere to public safety instructions and maintain the cleanliness of warehouses
• Warehouses use the books, records and forms approved by the Governmental Procurement Department with the instructions issued in their regard.
• Warehouses use government e-inventory programs approved by the Government Procurement Department.

Procurement Department:
  • Verify the actual need for purchase and specifications of the required materials and services.
  •  Verify that there is a financial provision for the purchase process with the financial department.
  •  Searching for the best sources and getting multiple quotations for purchases made directly and according to the general supplies system.
  •  Issuing purchase requests and filling out a local purchaser's request form to implement the direct purchasing process as a purchase order.
  •  Preparing referral decisions for purchases made by submitting a bid or solicitation of offers according to the system.
  • Preparing the administration advance, the movement's predecessor and my agency:
  1. Management advance/ where the urgent management needs are spent in cash.
  2. Traffic advance / where spending on car maintenance expenses is done in cash.
  • Follow-up purchases made through the General Supplies Department and address them officially.
Department of Human Resources:

  Job analysis (description and classification of jobs and identification of tasks, duties and responsibilities) through:
1. Preparing Plan Human Resources
2. Develop plans, needs, jobs, human cadres, etc
3. Setup
4. Determining the shortage and the need for increase of jobs and studying the lists of workers and their job needs

 Recruitment and appointment through
1. Advertisement  to fill  job vacancies 
2. Choose  the best  the human competencies  available 
3. Appointment procedures

Training  through 
1. Define  Needs  Training ● Placements ● Heads ● Departments ● Forms ● Evaluation ● Performance
2.  Evaluation Training Programs  Preparing  Training Plan  , Approval , Follow - up , Evaluation , Transfer , Knowledge .

 Career path through
1. Processing the mandatory and permissible promotions for the employees
2. Procedure for the annual increase for employees
3. Disengagement
4. Determine  the technical bonuses  for the employees
5. Plans  Substitution  , Succession  , Job , Matrix , Powers 
6. Supervising the orientation of new employees and familiarizing themselves with the Centre's regulations and instructions.
7. Overseeing the process of managing and evaluating the job performance of employees.
8. Contribute to preparing the center's annual budget according to its human resources and training needs.

Other matters related to the department:
1. Monitoring employee time and issuing annual balances for employees
2. Update, data, maintenance, card, electronic, and program, HRMIS
3. Preparation of the necessary data for the rewards
4. Procedure for incentives and disciplinary penalties
5. Providing advice and advice in the areas of human resource management for the various units.