Supervision and follow-up
  • Follow-up the progress of the work on the annual operational plan projects and prepare evaluation reports for the plan and submit it to the administration.
  • Prepare monthly workflow reports and periodic tour reports to see the implementation of work in all projects and submit them to the Director General after reviewing the monthly work reports of the departments and weekly work cards.
  • Processing the project card includes the project manager, the duration of the work and the staff working on it and the specifications of the project after receiving the project and after studying it from the project study department.
  • Processing and preparing agreements and memorandums of understanding with government and private agencies inside and outside Jordan.
  • Carry out audits on all the center's products based on project documents, sources taken from them and approved technical specifications for the production of maps.
  • Check external books and works in case of request.
  • Update the specification manuals for maps produced at the Royal Jordanian Geographical Center.
  • Preparing for courses and preparing the necessary programs.
  • Conducting internal and external correspondence in order to hold courses.
  • Holding, following up, coordinating and issuing certificates to trainees.
  • Holding courses for military personnel( Jordanian armed forces/Arab army, gendarmerie, civil defense).
  • Holding courses for geographical centre staff.
  • Coordination with the production sections to equip the educational material (course curriculum and program) and follow-up printing and packaging.
  • Training engineers from the Engineers Union and the Ministry of Public Works.
  • Training students from Jordanian universities and colleges in coordination with the center's various departments.
  • Archive courses electronically and paper and provide detection of internal and external courses.
Project Study Section:
  • Equipping and preparing the annual plan of the Geographical Center to contribute to the realization of the strategic plan of the center and its vision and mission.
  • Preparing a comprehensive study of all projects (internal, external and emergency) that are implemented in the geographical center, determining the cost of materials, estimating the necessary time, manpower and the number of devices used for each project.
  • Conducting all correspondence with the relevant stakeholders and those concerned with carrying out work in the geographical center and following up and responding to them in addition to conducting the necessary security correspondence to secure the security approvals of the field teams.
  • To balance all the necessary materials for the needs of the different sections of the center.
  • Follow-up with the financial department to ensure that the applicants pay the financial claims they owe.
  • Delivery of completed projects to the requesting authorities in coordination with the documents department.
Department of Translation

• Considering the library's needs of Arabic and foreign books in order to serve the library's enrichment, scientific research and continuous learning, and presenting new books to the library committee for consideration.
• Preserving books and the library's publications and magazines.
• Assisting the staff of the geographical center in finding references and research when needed; To transfer knowledge between them.
• Receiving, preserving and circulating periodicals, magazines and bulletins that reach the geographical center.